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An in vivo CRS Evaluation Study in humanised mouse models can deliver fast, reproducible, and translatable data about drug safety in just two weeks. A humanised mouse platform offers the unique ability to preclinically analyse a fully systemic response that involves human immune cells and surrounding tissues. Furthermore, the platform also allows for efficacy testing and dose ranging.

By using mice humanised with cells from multiple donors, developers can generate a diverse data set that gives a more comprehensive and accurate prediction of what will happen in the clinic. Robust, diversified preclinical data not only protects future patients but also makes a therapeutic more attractive to investors.

Download the latest CRS White Paper to learn more about:

  • Examining CRS responses in diverse patient populations
  • A cutting-edge PBMC humanised platform for more preclinically predictive data
  • The benefits of in vivo vs. in vitro studies
  • Performing dose ranging studies to determine the ideal balance of safety and efficacy in novel therapeutics

Download the White Paper