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The pressure to take your drug to market faster is increasing. To achieve a successful journey to the first clinical trial phase in the fastest time possible, we have identified three key elements we are addressing in this eBook.

  • Comply with audit requirements and relevant certifications
  • Drive process efficiencies with increased speed whilst not sacrificing quality
  • Be reliable to avoid unplanned downtime

These elements are all relevant to your biologics discovery to manufacture monoclonal antibodies, recombinant vaccines and mRNA vaccines and therapeutics.

The common step in all three workflows is cloning. Creating an optimised antigen in your upstream development and driving efficiencies is the basis for a successful downstream drug discovery process.

The eBook outlines the benefit of:

  • Digitalising your workflow from the start
  • Employing faster, more reliable and intuitive equipment
  • Planned maintenance service contracts

Download the interactive eBook to find out how Eppendorf products and solutions can get you to the clinical phase faster.

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