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  • Measuring antibody affinity under physiologically relevant conditions in complex mixtures like serum remains challenging but is critically important to furthering our understanding of the immune response and protection window in patients and vaccinated individuals.

  • In this application note we explain why current technologies provide only an incomplete understanding of the immune response against SARS-CoV-2.
  • We demonstrate how Fluidic Analytics’ novel in-solution immunoassay platform on the Fluidity One-W serum, measures antibody affinity directly in serum to obtain crucial insights necessary for efficient diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccine development.
  • The most frequently used tools for the detection and quantification of antibodies in serum remain standard immunoassays. Immunoassays are based on decades old technologies and are routinely employed in clinical research, drug discovery and diagnostics.
  • The reported antibody titer is simplistic in these tests, since it represents a combination of the concentration of antibodies in the blood sample and the strength of the binding interaction (affinity) of the antibody to the corresponding antigen.
  • At Fluidic Analytics, we have responded to this need and have developed a novel in-solution immunoassay platform on our Fluidity One-W Serum instrument that simultaneously, but independently, measures both the concentration and affinity of antibodies.


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