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Scientific and technological advancements continue to emphasize the importance of automation, both in the physical and digital world. Given recent discussions about the lab of the future, the benefits have expanded to highlight how automation can support greater connectivity between data and workflows, paving the way to a ‘smarter lab’. A fully integrated robotic platform with software control systems can help you seamlessly connect workflows and data effectively providing a common missing piece to the drug discovery puzzle, thereby supporting you on your digital transformation journey and leading to accelerated scientific discoveries.

Discover the power of fully automated and connected drug discovery workflows with the Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™ collaborative automation platform. inSPIRE’s light and flexible design coupled with innovative smart technologies provide a complete interactive experience. Powered by the Thermo Scientific™ Momentum™ Workflow Scheduling Software, the inSPIRE platform is ready to adapt to your evolving needs.
Download this configurable automation solutions guide to learn more about:

• Configuring the right automated solution for your workflow.

• The expansive catalogue of collaborative and modular solutions available

• One-of-a kind technology and features of the inSPIRE platform.

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