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From basic to translational research and clinical applications, cell culture is an essential technique that underpins the generation of promising cell and gene therapies. Since the quality of cytokines and growth factors can significantly influence the properties and function of cultured cells, these bioactive proteins must be produced to the highest standards to ensure the same reproducible results over a 5-15 years development timeline.

This white paper demonstrates how our class-leading premium grade bioactive proteins set new standards for consistency, bioactivity, and reproducibility to help you meet the challenges ahead with confidence. The consistent performance these premium grade bioactive proteins provide enables you a smooth transition from research to clinical development, saving your time and resources

 This white paper demonstrates:

  • Our manufacturing workflow for producing premium grade recombinant human cytokines and growth factors
  • How we access the purity and batch-to-batch consistency of our premium range bioactive proteins
  • Biophysical QC and bioactive assay batch data for the production of three premium grade bioactive proteins: two recombinant human cytokines, TNF-α and IL-3, and one recombinant human growth factor EGF


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