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John Conway of 20/15 Visioneers tackles defining “What Makes a Great BioELN” in this thoughtful and informative industry perspective.


  • The six high-level workflows a great BioELN must include
  • What are the team personas who must get utility from a new BioELN
  • The 3 key qualities necessary to have in place before seeking a BioELN
  • And much more.

About the author

John Conway is Chief Visioneer Officer at 20/15 Visioneers, a leading science and technology consulting firm. John calls upon his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry – from startups to Merck and AstraZeneca – and his degree in molecular biology, to focus on much-needed change in Culture, Data, Processes, and Technology so that R&D companies can run more efficiently and embrace In-Silico advances. He works with a range of clients to build their Scientific Data and Process Strategies, Electronic and Digital Laboratory Environments, and Informatics and Scientific IT Strategies. 

About PerkinElmer Informatics

Our complex world is moving at an extraordinary pace and it’s not enough that scientists react to it. They must anticipate the impact of our environment on people’s lives every day with revolutionary breakthroughs, scientific discoveries, and life-changing therapies.
That’s where PerkinElmer Informatics comes in. Our modern software solutions, developed with decades of experience, accelerate research and development, and facilitate innovation.

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