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In this case study, hear from Elise Malavasi, Ph.D., a Principal Scientist at leading contract research organisation Concept Life Sciences. The interview highlights their need to develop assays that are amenable to long term use to support their clients with drug development, and how’s deterministically programmed ioMicroglia have helped them develop assays with increased physiological relevance and consistency, towards this goal.

In this case study you will learn:

  • How Concept Life Sciences seek to develop assays proving drug candidate efficacy with human iPSC-derived microglia.
  • How ioMicroglia from offered Concept Life Sciences functional cells with low inter-lot variability, ensuring consistent assay performance, facilitating large scale screening studies.
  • How Concept Life Sciences' initial challenges integrating this new cell type into their workflows were overcome by support from the team, ensuring they could easily develop assays using these cells.


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