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Drug discovery contract research organizations (CROs) offer an established infrastructure and experience that offers promising paths forward for various research projects. However, partnering with a CRO also presents key challenges, and companies should consider three questions:

  • How long until data is delivered?
  • Will the quality of the data instill confidence in a critical go/no-go decision?
  • Does the CRO have access to the most cutting-edge technologies?

This case study highlights how a biotech company relied on a large CRO to develop a biochemical assay and run a high-throughput screen. However, the CRO struggled with data quality and consistency, leading to questions they could not solve. The biotech company’s program remained at a standstill until they contacted SAMDI Tech, which offered unique drug discovery solutions, including:

  • A client-focused team with an eye for detail that ensures quality data
  • Capacity to rapidly offer solutions and deliver data with unprecedented turnaround times
  • Innovative technologies supporting label-free and discovery projects beyond label-free

Learn more about how SAMDI Tech rescued this company’s program and how your next project could benefit from SAMDI Tech’s drug discovery solutions.

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