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This whitepaper will provide you with an overview of recombinant antibody engineering based on Absolute Antibody’s years of experience engineering more than 150 different antibody formats for a wide range of clients and applications. You will learn about important design parameters crucial to the development and manufacture of an engineered antibody as a means to guide you through your own process of antibody engineering. 

A variety of antibody engineering options will be discussed, including:

  • Multispecifics
  • Humanisation
  • Fc fusion proteins and
  • Antibody fragments.

For those new to antibody engineering, a comprehensive background on antibodies and the process of antibody engineering is covered as well as a robust reference list to help you to learn more. Written by Absolute Antibody’s CSO Dr. Michael Fiebig and co-founder Dr. Ian Wilkinson, this guide to antibody engineering will provide you with the knowledge to maximise your success in designing your own recombinant antibodies.


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