From human B cells to engineered antibodies, IgGenix is taking a novel approach towards breaking through the last frontier of immunology: allergies. By reengineering key antibodies in the allergic cascade, this biotech company is developing a first-in-class therapy for the millions of people whose daily lives are limited by food allergies and other severe allergic conditions.

In this webinar we hear from IgGenix’s Jessica Grossman (CEO) and Derek Croote (CTO) on how the company has developed a platform technology using single-cell genomics to discover fully human antibodies against any substance that humans are allergic to. IgGenix takes an unbiased approach to discovering the B cells that produce IgE antibodies and then reengineers these IgE antibodies into therapeutic IgGs that aim to provide protection against the allergic cascade.

Key takeaways:

  • Use of native human IgE sequences as a foundation to develop optimal therapeutics
  • Benefits of scRNA-seq for understanding IgE and disease
  • Lessons learned in building a therapeutic pipeline and overcoming workflow barriers 
  • How the right technology can accelerate workflows while maintaining the agility required for a startup

    An audience Q&A session with the presenters follows the webinar presentation.

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