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How many different types of diseases are there in the world? How will we ever be able to find cures for them? We might not be able to do so for all of them, but we may be able to develop better treatments. Scientific and technological advancements are making it easier to understand the causes of and physiological processes of diseases and how molecular and biochemical aspects of lipids play a role.

Due to its promising application for identifying and quantifying lipids as biomarkers of disease, lipidomics research has advanced considerably in recent years. Moreover, lipids are successfully used in pharmaceutical products to treat diseases. Avanti® offers a broad range of high-quality lipids that can be used as standards in lipidomic studies.

In this edition, a comparison of the production, use and properties of natural and synthetic phospholipids as pharmaceutical excipients is made by Hoogevest and Wendel. Kim et al. study deformable liposomes as potential carriers for transdermal drug delivery. Martinović et al. explore how sinapic acid and its derivatives strengthen oxidative stability in different lipid systems. The effects of lipid oxidation-derived aldehyde and oxysterols on health and disease is discussed by Sottero et al. Surma el al. present an automated shotgun lipodomics platform for high throughput, comprehensive, and quantitative analysis of intact blood plasma lipids. As you can see, significant progress is being made in lipidomics research!



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Insights in Disease Research Using Lipid Biochemistry

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The Use of Natural and Synthetic Phospholipids as Pharmaceutical Excipients

van Hoogevest P., Wendel A.

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Preparation, Physical Characterization, and In Vitro Skin Permeation of Deformable Liposomes Loaded with Taxifolin and Taxifolin Tetraoctanoate

Kim A. R., An H. J., Jang E. S. et al.

Page 18

Sinapic Acid and its Derivatives Increase Oxidative Stability in Different Model Lipid Systems

Martinović N., Poklar Ulrih N., Abramovič H.

Page 22

The Effects of Lipid Oxidation-Derived Aldehyde and Oxysterols on Health and Disease

Sottero B., Leonarduzzi G., Testa G. et al.

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An Automated Shotgun Lipidomics Platform for High Throughput, Comprehensive, and Quantitative Analysis of Blood Plasma Intact Lipids

Surma M. A., Herzog R., Vasilj A. et al.

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A Progress Report on Five Decades of Lipid Mass Spectrometry

Robert C. Murphy


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