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Charles River, Antibody Discovery group, has integrated computational immunology, antibody engineering and phage display technologies into its comprehensive antibody discovery platforms that rapidly deliver antibody hits or optimised variants with a range of affinities, cross-species coverage, and improved drug-like characteristics. Charles River uses label-free biosensors and other bioanalytical assays to support biochemical/biophysical characterisation of biotherapeutic molecules including antibodies.

In this webinar, Christina Pettus, Senior Scientist, Charles River Laboratories, provides insights into how the company incorporates Octet® Bio-Layer Interferometry (BLI) into its monoclonal antibody discovery workflow for discovery campaigns, antibody optimisation, and IgG characterisation. The webinar elaborates on the use of the Octet® BLI for quality control of proteins, high throughput hit screening with crude single chain library clones and kinetic determination of antibody-antigen binding.

Key Learning Objectives from this webinar:

  • Use of the Octet® BLI platform for ultrahigh throughput hit screening and for off-rate ranking of crude periplasmic extract samples during early antibody discovery.

  • Octet® BLI applications in reagent quality control including binding interaction studies.

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