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In this roundtable, hosted by DDW and sponsored by DNA Script, you will learn about the biggest opportunities for the future of drug discovery and development.
Roundtable panellists include Commercial Research Scientist, Mark Treherne, CEO of Elevation Oncology, Joe Ferra, and CEO of BioXcel Therapeutics, Vimal Mehta. 
Panellists discuss the following questions: 
  • Where will the opportunities be in 2024?
  • How important will mRNA-based vaccines be in treating viruses and diseases such as cancer?
  • What can we expect from the cell & gene therapy market?
  • Is it true that the next era will belong to antibody drug conjugates?
  • Will AI be key to expediting the drug discovery process and what role will data science have?
  • What changes can we expect from clinical trials?
  • Will digital therapeutics grow in significance?

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