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In this webinar, hosted by DDW and sponsored by Benchling, you will learn about technology through the lens of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and lab automation. 

You will hear from Jonathan Wingfield, Principal Scientist at AstraZeneca; Abraham Heifets, CEO at Atomwise; Raminderpal Singh, AI Expert at HitchhikersAI; alongside Helen Liu-Mayo, Product Manager, Machine Learning at Benchling and Janet Matsen PhD, Machine Learning Engineer at Benchling, who will give a joint presentation.

Jonathan Wingfield will focus on the historical deployment of automation within pharma, where it can have a bigger impact on the early drug discovery process to drive up productivity, the IT infrastructure required, as well as what the lab of the future may look like.

Abraham Heifets, CEO at Atomwise will discuss what AI can and can’t do, as well as what AI should and shouldn’t do within drug discovery. 

Raminderpal Singh will speak about why and how we need to enable the smaller to mid-size biotechs to take advantage of AI and data, with a focus on helping scientists get started with a path forward in their early drug discovery workflows. Moreover, he will reflect the learnings in the HitchhikersAI.org non-profit community. 

Helen Liu-Mayo and Janet Matsen shine a spotlight on the potential of employing AI in drug discovery and provide insight into the varied pace of advancements for different use cases, as well as useful advice to prepare your organisation for the data-driven, AI-oriented future.

An audience Q&A session with the presenters follows the webinar presentations.

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