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The webinar, sponsored by global leader in specialty coatings and treatments for flexible substrates Stahl, lasts for around 90 minutes including a live Q&A following the presentations.

  • Christina Trautmann, Head of the LWG, moderated the event and the speakers are as follows:
  • Kevin Latner, Vice President of the Leather and Hide Council of America, presented “Showcasing Sustainability, Investing in our Future”
  • Earl W. Shank, Senior Manager, Traceability at Tapestry, presented “Leveraging Leather Traceability to Unlock Impact”
  • Federico Brugnoli, Founder and CEO of Spin360, presented “Lifecycle Assessments: A data-driven approach to reducing the impact of leather manufacturing”
  • Mi Yan, Environmental Impact Manager, ESG at Stahl, presented “Minimizing the impact of the chemicals by using the LCA method”

Watch the Webinar