CAR-T cell therapies are a promising approach for treating solid tumors. But identifying appropriate T-Cell receptor (TCR) domains that exclusively target tumor antigens remains a challenge. Toxicity, tumor activation, and tumor persistence are significant challenges to using CAR-T cell therapies for solid tumors.

In this webinar, Twist Bioscience’s CSO, Aaron Sato, will present several proof-of-concept studies showing how these technologies can be utilized for cell therapies. Aaron will also be joined by Justin Farlow, CTO of Serotiny, who will tell the story of how Twist’s Combinatorial Assembly Libraries helped his company design and evaluate thousands of CARs, each with novel intracellular signaling architectures. By using these libraries, Serotiny rapidly selected multiple novel CAR designs to enhance the therapeutic performance of primary T-cells.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Machine Learning Analysis leveraged in predicting T-cell activity.
  • Rapid screening for functional and therapeutically effective TCRs.
  • Discovery of targeting domains for CART-T constructs.
  • How to accelerate the CAR research pipeline with protein engineering tools.

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